Diversity In The Workforce

April 12, 2016 By Amanda Rita

Why It’s Proven To Be Healthy For Your Business!

Diversity involves our personal frame of reference (how we see ourselves), and how we see others. These perceptions affect how we interact with people,  and the attitude we hold towards them. A company who hires an assortment of employees that possess proficient communication skills, adaptability, and creativity can function effectively as an organization.

“ Diversity in our nation and workforce will increase significantly in the coming years.”


America is entering an era of increased diversity
within the nation.

Businesses are becoming aware of the need to draw upon and exercise the benefits of diversity in the workforce. Talent and creativity is crucial to strengthening the bottom line of a business, and pooling from a large/diverse group of candidates is increasingly important if you want to succeed in the competitive marketplace!

Learn the reasons why diversity can make a vital contribution to our growing economy, and the benefits of embracing it!

“Why Diversity Is Healthy For Your Business!”

  • A More Qualified Workforce!

Recruiting diverse employees creates a team comprised of multiple backgrounds who share different experiences and qualifications. It breeds a class of hard workers who pioneer an improved, innovative, and productive workforce! Companies that hire these types of candidates are more likely to employ the best and the brightest in the labor market! In a 2011 Forbes Study, 85 percent of companies who made at least $500 million in annual revenue strongly agreed that diversity is “key to driving innovation in the workplace”.

  • Avoid Turnover Costs!

Businesses that foster an inclusive workforce can improve turnover rates! A company may be able to avoid employee turnover costs if they maintain a healthy work environment. Companies who fail to cater to an ever growing/changing economy will most likely support a hostile work environment. This may force and encourage employees to leave. Which results in avoidable expenses! Failure to maintain an inclusive, discrimination-free workplace with qualified workers produces a loss in company profits!

  • More Competitive!

Businesses need to adapt to our changing nation in order to have a more solid foot in the marketplace. Census studies predict that by 2050 there will be no ethnic majority in the United States! America will grow and benefit from these changing demographics if companies continue to hire diverse employees and meet the needs of the consumer population. It’s a great opportunity for our country to become more competitive in the global market and gain from the unique contributions made from these communities!

The Take-Away

Diversity occurs when people with different ideas come together and collaborate. Companies will have greater success in the global market when they understand, accept, and respect how other cultures operate. By recruiting a diverse workforce, companies can increase creativity, productivity, and profitability for their business. By thinking cross-culturally you will open yourself to new attitudes, increase your language skills, and gain cultural competence!

How do you feel diversity contributes to the workforce? Could you add to my list? Please comment.

Image Credit: Amanda Rita


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