5 Hawaiian Core Values For The Common Workplace!

April 03, 2016 By Amanda Rita

A friendly, innovative spirit can help you connect with others in the business environment. Liberate your life and improve your communication skills by following these five Hawaiian core values translated to fit the needs of the common workplace!

The people of Hawai’i have always carried a highly recognized attitude that’s become their way of life.

A spirit of “Aloha” that’s applied through five important cultural values.

A – Alaka’i (Leadership)image1.PNG

L – Lokahi (Teamwork)

O – ‘Olu’olu (Graciousness)

H – Ho’okuleana (Responsibility)

A – Ahonui (Patience)

One of the best ways to establish lasting relationships with others is to present your personal brand with a positive, genuine attitude.

Whether you reach out and communicate with friends, colleagues, relatives, or business partners overseas, you must know how to market yourself!

Living in Hawai’i has taught me many important life lessons, and has helped form my ethical code of conduct. I’d like to share what these Hawaiian values mean, and how you can also apply them to your life.

“Aloha can mean many things. No one definition of the word is correct. Aloha is not merely a greeting, but a way of life for the people of Hawai’i”.

Hawai’i is a tropical paradise full of diversity.

From it’s environment, to the local people and vibrant culture, visitors quickly catch an island fever that is missed when they return home. Why? It’s because they feel a sense of relaxation, belonging, and hospitality. Native Hawaiians are able to manage their lives with balance and understanding. They show others what paradise can truly feel like when you’re surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and loving people.

The word “alo(ha)” derives from the word “ha”, which means “breath of life”. “Ha” is the sound we make when we exhale after breathing in. In ancient Hawai’i, natives used a customary gesture of touching noses with the person they greeted. Moments later, the pair would exchange breath with the other to show acceptance.

The word “aloha” is a lot more powerful than most people realize. Tourist have come to understand it as a warm welcome. But for the locals, we use aloha as a foundation for various life values. Especially in the common workplace! Aloha can be broken down into five acronyms that translate into lessons. These lessons can serve as a reminder to treat others with kindness and respect in the business environment.

5 Hawaiian core values for your workplace!

Manage the internal and external factors that influence the way your company operates by gaining a new perspective! Be able to improve your relations with employees, customers, and potential partners by applying five important values to your life!

1. Alaka’i (Leadership)

Alaka’i means leading by good example and stepping forward to take initiative. You can become a better leader by setting personal goals to better yourself. Then, when you have gained the trust and respect of your colleagues and co-workers, you are able to guide them with confidence and certainty.

2. Lokahi (Teamwork)

Lokahi is the Hawaiian value of “teamwork”. We can accomplish more when working together in unity and harmony. When we are open to new ideas and opinions, we are able to cooperate with others. Effective collaboration is the result of sharing and balancing diverse ideas through team participation! Encourage Lokahi and pursue company excellence!

3. ‘Olu’olu (Graciousness)

‘Olu’olu is Hawaiian for “graciousness”. It is used to describe pleasantness and generosity. If you are able to empathize with others in a polite manner, you can cultivate a work environment based on respectfulness and trust. Be humble, modest, and open your thoughts to the idea of complete giving.

4. Ho’okuleana (Responsibility)

Ho’okuleana is one’s personal sense of responsibility. In the business world, it’s important to acknowledge and accept responsibility. By understanding that you are accountable for your own actions, you may aquire the motivation to stay on track and stick to your planned schedule. Others depend on you to do your job successfully so you can thrive as a whole.

5. Ahonui (Patience)

Ahonui is the Hawaiian value of patience. Good things do come to those who wait. Patience gives you the opportunity to listen, interpret, and gain higher knowledge. By reviewing information and deciding on the best course of action, you are more comfortable to work with intent and purpose. Strive to reach the summit without any regrets!

The Take-Away.

The people of Hawai’i have always carried a highly recognized attitude that’s become their way of life. “Aloha” is a spirit that’s applied through five important cultural values. The natives of Hawai’i use these values that spell “Aloha” as a foundation for various life lessons. It serves as a reminder to treat others with kindness and respect in the business environment. It also improves your personal and professional communication skills.

How do you use these values to create a healthy work environment? Do you have any of your own? Or would like to add to my list? Please comment.

Image credit: Amanda Rita




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